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About Us

A1 Car Sales and Rental is working with Body Shops to provide rental cars to Uber and Lyft Drivers while their cars are in shops for repairs. If you have been involved in an accident and prefer to go back to work while your vehicle is being repaired you have the choice of choosing a repair shop that can provide you with a Rental Car that is already registered with Uber and Lyft, allowing you to work while your car is being repaired!

How does it work?

A1 Car Sales and Rental has registered their fleet of cars with HyeCar.com and has provided the Body Shops on Ridesharecollisionnetwork.com access to these cars. The Body Shops will assist when you inform them that you are a Rideshare Driver and they can bill the insurance company responsible for the claim while they repair your car, you can go back to work. Because you are driving commercial vehicles you will have to sign up with HyeCar.com and pay for the vehicle under their guidelines and be reimbursed by the shop or Insurance company, your claim handler at the Body Shop will help you with this to make it simple and convenient to drop off your damaged car and pick up a replacement rental car at the same time, same place.